Fake Rolex Day-Date VS Fake Rolex Sky-Dweller(part1)

With the development of watchmaking technology, there are more and more fake watch models, types and styles available for selection on the market. For most people who lack of experience in buying replica reptime watches. it is becoming more difficult to buy a satisfactory replica reptime reptime watches It is difficult for most people to choose among many reptime reptime watches brands, and it is also difficult to make a specific choice within a brand. Today we will make a comprehensive comparison of the two popular reptime watches in the replica Rolex brand. Through detailed data, we can understand the difference between replica Rolex Day-Date and fake Rolex Sky-Dweller faster, so that you can make the most satisfied choice in reptime reptime watches for you.

Why Do We Compare These Two Watches?

Rolex Day-Date was released in 1956, Rolex Sky-Dweller is a brand new Rolex launched in 2012, two fake reptime reptime watches. with such a big difference, why should we compare? Although one of the two reptime watches has a long history, the other is relatively young, you will find that Sky-Dweller and Day-Date are very similar if you look carefully. It can also be said that we can see Day-Date through Sky-Dweller. So, let ’s first look at the similarities between them.

Common Features Of Replica Sky-Dweller And Replica Day-Date

First of all, the appearance of these two fake Rolex is very similar, the reptime reptime watches dial has a grooved bezel. Secondly, they all use a rectangular shape to represent specific time figures. Furthermore, both Rolex reptime watches offer reptime watches in 18kt yellow gold, 18kt Everose and 18kt white gold. However, there are some platinum reptime watches in Day-Date. Finally, both reptime watches use the two unique technologies of the Rolex brand-Triplock technology and Cyclopse Date magnifier. At the same time, they also have the waterproof function that ordinary reptime watches have.

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