Longines Sports Series L3.728.4.96.9 replica watch

The replica watches are equipped with a second time zone and an optical drive management system called Light Sensing. The wearer can set the time through the manual adjustment of the crown or the innovative light setting function, which is a must for the travel enthusiasts.
Longines once launched the first generation of Comcas VHP quartz reptime reptime watches in 1984. The three letters of VHP are the abbreviation of “Very High Precision”, which became the market with a one-year error of ±10/sec. The most accurate timepiece. And this new Concas V.H.P. GMT light-sensing fake reptime reptime watches. has further broken the V.H.P. technology with an annual error of only ±5/sec.
The new Concas V.H.P. GMT light-sensing set fake watch is available in either stainless steel or black PVD and is available in 41 mm and 43 mm case sizes. The dial displays hour, minute, second and date (perpetual calendar) with a slender arrow pointer indicating the second time zone. Both the hands and the time scale are coated with a Super-Luminova luminous coating.
The “home time” and “travel time” logos are printed on the dial at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock respectively; four dial colors of blue, carbon black, silver and black are available. Photographic monitoring is provided in the number 1 at 12 o’clock.
The reptime reptime watches is equipped with a second time zone and an optical drive management system called Light Sensing. The system relies on the user’s smartphone and a designated application to transmit the information collected in the application to the micro-holes in the dial 12 via the light signal from the phone flash, without the need for external connections such as WiFi or Bluetooth.
The time zone switching function is another highlight of the reptime reptime watches Users only need to press the crown to switch between home time and travel time, making it easy to master the time no matter where they are.
The reptime reptime watches is paired with a steel bracelet, a black PVD strap or a blue, black rubber strap.
The built-in movement of this V.H.P. GMT light-sensing reptime reptime watches has a perpetual calendar and long battery life. It can automatically identify complex calendar days such as big month, small month, average year and leap year, and automatically jumps without manual adjustment until 2399. The smart crown and light setting system simplifies reptime reptime watches function operation, and the E.O.L. and E.O.E. displays signal when the battery is about to run out.
Not only that, this reptime reptime watches can automatically go to sleep. We take off the reptime reptime watches and put the head on the crown to the second gear. After the reptime reptime watches is still for more than one minute, it will automatically enter the sleep power saving mode and suspend the work. When we re-wear, press the head back and the reptime reptime watches will automatically resume normal time and continue to walk. In the dormant state, the reptime reptime watches does not need to be replaced in 20 years.

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