Men’s Fake Watches Size Guide

The size of the reptime reptime watches case can give people different feelings. The big and bold dial shows your personality, and the small and delicate dial highlights elegance. Many new friends are hesitant about the dial size when buying reptime watches. So how to choose the size of men’s fake reptime watches. will introduce the rules of men’s reptime reptime watches size selection.

There has always been a huge debate about reptime reptime watches size. Enthusiastic reptime reptime watches enthusiasts like to talk about what they think is the best fake reptime reptime watches size and which reptime reptime watches sizes are “wrong”. In fact, there are no “wrong” reptime reptime watches sizes, only “not suitable” reptime reptime watches sizes.

Own Style

Which reptime reptime watches size you choose depends partly on your style and taste. If you want to make you younger or more energetic, then the larger size usually looks more appropriate. In addition, if you are more stable or conservative, you can give priority to medium-sized men’s fake reptime watches .

I advise men not to wear small reptime watches. Because some small size reptime watches will make men look feminine, or like wearing a children’s reptime reptime watches Large and medium-sized reptime watches are most suitable for standard dress. But the oversized reptime reptime watches is too big to wear on the wrist.


The most perfect men’s fake reptime watches are the case size is slightly smaller than the wrist size. The case should not exceed the edge of the wrist. If you want to buy men’s fake reptime watches of medium size, then you have to remember this rule. That is, the reptime reptime watches case occupies at least three quarters of the wrist. Otherwise, the man looks like he is wearing a female watch.

Sometimes, a thicker reptime reptime watches will look bigger, and a thin one will look smaller. According to our survey, most men think that reptime watches with a diameter of 40-44MM are the most suitable. Because this size belongs to large and medium size for them. If your wrist is small, the 36MM reptime reptime watches is more suitable in some cases. But for men, it is best to avoid men’s fake reptime watches under 38 mm.

Like most objects in life, there are thousands of reptime watches. Consumers must not only find a reptime reptime watches that suits their taste, but also fit their wrist. Therefore, it is a matter of personal preference to choose the size of the reptime reptime watches but remember not to exceed your wrist.

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